Designers & Creative Agency Owners: Why You Should Learn Facebook Advertising. Now.

Google auto-suggest is showing me realtors, dentists and even dummies when starting my search with “Facebook advertising for….”.

Really what I should see here is designers, creative studio owners, agency owners!

Why? Because there is no other group of professionals that will be able to validate their work faster with Facebook Ads than… wait for it… designers!

Below you will find some of the top reasons why I believe every designer or agency owner should have Facebook ads in their repertoire.

Most important: I will explain the reasons why Facebook advertising can help you as designer, studio or agency owner to advance in your career or get more clients.

Disclaimer: Yes, I am teaching an ad class specifically for designers, but the points below are exactly why Ben Burns (Digital Director at TheFutur & Blind) and myself decided to create this class.

  1. FB advertising enables you to understand the performance of your creatives in advertising. It also teaches you to measure your work with hard metrics. Why is this so important?
  • Understanding the metrics behind your work will allow you to have better conversations with your clients.
  • Working with clients that also have ad agencies can be painful. Often ad agencies will criticize your work – and believe me – often it’s the media placements, not your work that is not performing! Understanding FB will help you to respond to negative feedback with hard numbers.
  • By testing your creatives you will learn to understand how specific audiences (the ones you target) are responding to your creatives. Spoiler alert: There will be surprises. It’s not always the most beautiful and professional visuals that trigger responses. Understanding the performance of creatives for specific audiences is a major skill that you will benefit from for the rest of your career.
  1. You will be able to efficiently acquire more clients.
  • Facebook allows you to “hypertarget” potential clients and get your work in front of them.
  • If you are interested in how this would look like, we’ve developed a blueprint for our class on TheFuture [LINK] This blueprint will walk you through examples of how you can build a funnel for new clients.  
  1. The designer advantage:

Facebook ad types and formats leave more room for creativity. Your advanced design skills will lead to better results. Being able to generate different creative assets is something many digital marketers struggle with, but you don’t have this issue. Believe me, this is a huge advantage.

  1. Personas:

Whether you work for a client or yourself, understanding personas is the key to success. If you have more data about your potential client or the audience of a brand you are working for, you will be able to create better performing designs.

Think about the audience as a clearly defined goal. The more defined your goal is, the better you will be able to accomplish it. A clear audience gives you the insights you need to create well performing designs.

Within the next blog posts I will shed some light on first steps you can take to learn FB advertising.

For those of you who want to learn how to get more clients through FB advertising and dive deeper into advanced strategies, I have a treat for you:

Myself & Mr Ben Burns (@mrbenburns on Twitter/Instagram) are launching a Facebook advertising class for designers & agency owners late July. Seats are limited, so make sure to get on the waiting list here:

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