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We pair big data and high level creatives with the latest bot technology. The Result? Advertising that is guaranteed to work.


“People do not buy goods & services. They buy relations, stories & magic” – Seth Godin


What is broken today?

Conversations create relationships. And relationships lead to sales. But search, display, print or TV advertising are not creating conversations. They are one sided and not able to monetize on interactions that could build relationships.

Most agencies won’t tell you this, because their model is built around these channels. Ours is not.

We’ve developed a data driven approach to bot marketing that engages and converts.

Why Us?

Latest Bot Technology

Re-Frame is a certified Solutions Partner for Stashimi’s Bot1 platform. Bot1 is the only Chatbot development platform that combines commerce and content to deliver true, AI driven conversational commerce for some of the World’s Top Brands.

Big Data Analysis & Insights

Our big data technology transforms the creative process from one driven by guesswork and gut decisions to one driven by hard data & permanent testing.

Conversational Commerce Science

The future of commerce is in conversations. And our analysis includes the continuous analysis of conversations, language and engagement. That way, we ensure return on investment is the #1 priority.

Explore Our Process

Assessment Phase

We start with a deep dive analysis of your campaign’s ROI potential. That includes collecting key information from you such as customer lifetime value, market size, and customer psychographic.

The client:
A nutritional supplement products company with an average customer lifetime value (CLTV) of $70.

Our predictive analytics indicated that:
• We could deliver 165 relevant views per a day...
• With an expected approx. 9% conversation-to-conversion rate
• At an average $1.30 cost per interaction.

Our analyses concluded:
The company would fully recoup a $3000 investment in bot production in approx. 5 days. And continued investment in paid promotion would increase sales by $225,000 to $615,000 per year.

When creative meets big data

We craft creative concepts for the bot interactions that are relevant for your brand, and that we believe will capture your target audience’s attention and influence their behavior. We use big data to ensure the right concepts are chosen.

We developed three creative concepts tailored to the client’s target audience of women, aged 25-45 in the USA.

Our big data analysis revealed
• Two of the concepts were likely to be entertaining for a very broad audience
• The predicted conversion rate for that broad audience was under 2%
• At a 2% conversion rate, media costs would make paid promotion unprofitable

Our analyses concluded that the third concept had narrower appeal… : 
•But it could be contextually targeted to an audience that is shopping for our clients products already
•That audience has a predicted conversion rate of 8-9%

We decided for the 3rd concept with high ROI and low risk.

Bot Production

A bot ad produced for the web has to get several key parts right in order to succeed — and because bot development is time-consuming and expensive, you rarely get a chance to test different versions properly. Our unique testing process anticipates that fact. By producing several versions of the most relevant parts of the conversation, we ensure that we hit all elements of an engaging bot conversation that will deliver results.

We used our best practices to capture multiple variants of the introductory conversation.

We tested different versions of engaging users with questions that will tell us more about preferences and intrinsic motivations. We then used these answers to build a more natural, informative bot conversation.

That turned out to be very valuable testing phase, where one variation delivered a 17% lower subscription rate than the others.

Testing & Maintenance

Multi Variant Testing After the ad & bot are produced, we test and benchmark multiple versions of the bot to determine which works best. This process is analogous to a traditional focus group…only it’s faster, more cost-effective, and provides real-world data.

Experiment Design:
We showed three variations of the ad to 3,000 members of the target audience.

• Audiences retention dropped off sharply after the first 2 parts of the conversation (intro & initial engagement) in all versions
• One opener delivered 17% lower abandonment rate than the other versions

We identified the best performing version, and inserted an additional call to action prior to the critical drop-off point.


By using our conversion-optimized targeting capabilities, we ensure that promotional spending drives real business results, rather than empty views. Once your bot is made, you need to know how many dollars in sales are generated by each dollar in ad spend promoting it. Our proprietary attribution models can do that for you, teasing out the impact of chat bot ad spend vs other marketing efforts and random fluctuations in sales.

After spending the first $5,000 on media buys, we used our attribution model to demonstrate that each dollar invested in bot promotion was generating at least $2.33 in incremental revenue, at a 95% confidence level.

Work With Us


  • We can help you plan and execute end-to-end video campaigns.
  • We can also help you promote existing videos, or optimize your existing video media buys.
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  • We can help you plan and execute end-to-end video campaigns.
  • We can also help you promote existing videos, or optimize your existing video media buys.
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